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Boulder River Rhythm Retreat
June 21 - 25, 2017


Regular Prices

Choose one:
· Rhythm Exploration (Includes meals, lodging, and drum and dance classes)
_____$490 Wed - Sun
_____$380 Thurs - Sun
_____$265 Fri - Sun. (or any 2 day/night combination)
· Drum Building (Includes materials and instruction to build a 12"x24" ashiko drum, meals, lodging, and classes when not assembling the drum)
12"x24" Cedar Ashiko Drum _____$605
12"x24" Hardwood ({circle one} walnut or cherry) Ashiko Drum_____$630  Note: drum building registrants will attend the regular class schedule when not assembling the drum.
If you'd like to build a drum but only come for two or three days of the retreat, email for the adjusted cost. (The drum building will be done on Thursday and Friday.) The above rates include lodging, all instruction, materials, and gourmet meals.

Student / Family Discounts & Work Scholarships
Some limited discounts are available for students under the age of 24 and families planning on attending. Please contact Matthew for more information: 406-531-8109,

Registration Deadline is Friday, June 14th. Space is limited. Register early to ensure your place.

· Please describe your drumming experience: new drummer_____ beginner_____ intermediate_____ more advanced_____ · Please indicate your interest in African dance: I'm going to be dancing!_____, I'll give it a try______, I'd rather watch the dance classes, but you might be able to convince me_____, I'm not very interested_____ · Have you attended a rhythm workshop with Drum Brothers before?______ · How did you hear about this event?______________________________________

Please enclose full amount or a $150 deposit.      

Send to:
Drum Brothers
PO Box 268
Arlee, MT 59821

CVC code (3 digit code on the back of your card)_____ exp._____________________
Billing Zip Code____________________
Amount due__________  Amount enclosed__________
Donation to scholarship fund________ (This fund will be used to cover food and lodging costs for scholarship recipients. Drum Brothers will donate instruction fees.)
Note: In the event of a cancellation a $40.00 administration fee will be retained. Registration deadline is Friday, June 14th. There will be no refund if you cancel after June 16th, 2017. Upon receiving your registration, we'll send you a letter confirming details, directions, and schedule. For questions, contact Drum Brothers at 406-531-8109 or email us at .

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