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"Entering into harmonic relationships is the goal not only of music. It is the goal of atoms and molecules, of planetary orbits, of cells and hearts, of brain waves and movements, of flocks of birds and schools of fish and-in principle-of human beings. All of them (or better: the cosmos, the entire creation) have harmony as their final goal.
- Joachim-Ernst Berendt, The World is Sound
"A stone is frozen music."
- Pythagoras
"Rhythmic patterns appear throughout the universe, from the very small to the very large. Atoms are patterns of probability waves, molecules are vibrating structures, and living organisms manifest multiple, interdependent patterns of fluctuations."
- Fritjof Capra, The Tao of Physics
"The answer to the ancient question, 'What is matter?' is simply that matter consists of particles that are different nodes of vibration of the string, such as the note G or F. The 'Music' created by the string is matter itself."
- Michio Kaku, Physicist
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  • Music Physician for Times to Come, compiled by Don Campbell; Quest Books

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  • Forgotten Power of Rhythm, Reinhard Flatischler; Trade paperback book

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  • The Music of Life, Hazrat Inayat Khan; Omega Press

  • Voices of the First Day, Robert Lawlor; Inner Traditions International

  • Stalking the Wild Pendulum, Itzhak Bentov; E. P. Dutton


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